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Our mission is to help you and your family maintain a healthy work/life balance by providing resources, information, and referrals relevant to:

  • Educational Opportunities
  • Career Development
  • Skill Enhancement
  • Family Care

The ACCLS is an IBEW and Verizon Joint Committee that sponsors helpful programs to meet the real-world needs of busy working families. We have been serving you—our employees and members—since 1995.

ACCLS Committee Members

Name Company / Union
Nancy Davis Training Liaison
Tom Kelly IBEW Local 827 co-chair
Yvonne White Verizon co-chair
Pat Glover IBEW Local 827
Jeff Batiste Verizon
Glenn Yeary IBEW Local 827
Shernelll Saunders Verizon

Now you can access our programs and services online and by phone, toll free, at 888-368-7222 .